Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FAST FORWARD...It is now 2012 and Bella is gone. She died shortly after my last blog in 2009. A hard decision had to be made back then.I didn't want Bella to leave but she was so sick and she wasn't going to get better.So...I took her to G.V.S. and they humanely euthanize d her. In another time I would have said that they "Put Her To Sleep" but Bella didn't go to sleep that evening,she died.It was one of the saddest days of my life. I stayed with her almost to the end but when they administered the "killing" shot I had to step out of the room.I just couldn't watch her go.When the Vet Tech handed me her collar and leash she said that Bella had passed very easily,One big sigh and she was gone. It was dark and had just started to rain when I left G.V.S. that evening.With Bella's collar and leash in the passenger seat beside me, I cried all the way home.It was Weds.and Thanksgiving was the next day. I have no memory of that Thanksgiving. I was so distraught.I had changed. I know after some people loose their dogs, they feel that out of respect for their lost animal that they should wait a respectable amount of time before bringing another pet into their life but I couldn't do that. I not only wanted another dog,I needed another dog to heal me. On the Friday after Thanks giving I started my search on the internet. I knew who I was looking for, A young,female,black,pit bull mix. I was looking for Bella. It didn't take long to find her either. She was at Fulton County Animal Service and her name was Rose.In her Photo Rose looked so much like Bella it was amazing and she had the same sweet look out of her eyes.Under her Photo in bold letters was the word URGENT. I moved fast. As soon as I could I drove over to FCAS and said I want Rose and without much of an introduction I adopted her. The next day Rose was spayed in the morning,I picked her up to take her home that afternoon and before we left the building I had changed her name to Bambi. So, here we are back in 2012 and you may ask,did you find Bella's clone?The answer to that question is Nope...In fact Bambi is almost the polar opposite of Bella.Where Bella had more of a ballerina's body,Bambi is more like a roller derby queen. Bella was timid and trusted very few, Bambi doesn't know a stranger and would go to anyone who called her. Bella was aloof,Bambi is a tad bit needy. Really,about the only things that Bella/Bambi have in common is their color,that sweet look from their eyes and that they both loved/love me with their whole heart. RIP Bella <3

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